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Get Pro Stock performance from spread-port headed engines.  With the SLB Option the lifters are moved the maximum amount possible in the 4.84” bore-space platform.  The 1.058” id lifter bores are ready for 1.062” od bushings.  These bushings are available for .937” diameter lifters.   

New Century SLB blocks provide:
• Improved Valve Train Geometry
• Reduced Valve Train Flex
• Reduced Lifter Bore Friction
• Improved Durability
• Increased Power

In addition to the valve train benefits, offsetting the lifters moves the pushrods away from the intake ports. This provides more room for straightening the intake ports when porting the cylinder heads.

Available soon - SLB Option for 1.062” diameter lifters.
SLB Option with 1.058” id lifter bores................................................
$ 500.00  
The SLB option requires a special camshaft with offset lobes, keyway bushings and keyed roller lifters designed for offset lifter camshafts.
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SLB Block Option

Photo on left shows a block with the SLB (shifted lifter bore) option.

Lifter bores are machined to 1.058” ready for 1.062” od bushings.