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New Century Performance is proud to introduce the SLB block , a big block Chevrolet based aluminum alloy block with Pro Stock style Shifted Lifter Bores for spread-port head equipped engines.

All New Century Performance blocks are poured from vacuum melted virgin A356 aluminum alloy, heat treated to T6 specifications, and fully CNC machined.

The blocks feature reinforced lower end “skirting”, Billet Main Bearing Caps, 9/16” main studs and double cross-bolting.  

New Century blocks also feature head studs that pull from deep in the block to eliminate deck surface distortion.  This also reduces distortion in the critical top portion of the cylinder bore.  These factors contribute to a better sealing and more powerful aluminum block based engine.

This design makes the New Century blocks the strongest cast aluminum Chevrolet platform block available.  

The New Century Block is an excellent foundation for supercharged, turbo-charged, nitrous assisted, or high horsepower normally aspirated engines.

New Century Performance also offers gear drives, oil pans, valve covers and other accessories for these blocks and other Chevrolet based engines.
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Introducing the
Ultimate 4.84 Bore-Space Technology
New Century Performance Aluminum 4.840” bore center big block Chevrolet based engine block with the SLB option